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The Big Shop

The Big Shop at Legoland Windsor is situated right next to the park’s entrance. It is Legolands’ primary and largest shopping outlet and contains near-on every LEGO set available on the market, along with LEGO computer games and clothing, LEGOLAND souvenirs, pick-a-brick…..the list is endless.

The existing flooring within the big shop floor existed of a vinyl covering which was looking very tired and was creating ongoing maintenance issues to Legoland. The floor surface also had a lot of conduits and latex which had failed causing the existing floor to blister.

Therefore, in early 2013 Richco was asked by Legoland to design and install a new flooring system which would provide a new bright look, in keeping with the Legoland concept which eliminated the current maintenance issues.

The Big Shop was completely cleared and the floor surface was fully prepared and repaired ready to receive the new Richco Flooring System.

Richco then applied a Richco self-levelling epoxy flooring system in a dark blue with one area in a bright pink. During the installation Richco incorporated additional PVA flakes into the system in the Legoland corporate colors to provide a decorative, non-slip, hardwearing finish. The Legoland Big Shop Floor at Windsor measures approximately 800 square meters of retail space where Richco completed the flooring over a two week period. The finished flooring met with the clients requirements–providing a new colorful, decorative and non-slip finish. Richco are continuing to work closely with Legoland on various other projects throughout the park. Check out the Theme Park flooring additions we had the pleasure of installing at LEGOLAND Windsor.

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